Alexis Gomes

Hello everyone, I'm a 22 years old IT student from Arras, France.
At the moment I study at EPSI Arras.
I'm a chess addict and like running.
I'm also a huge fan of the Tolkien's legendarium.

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Asyncron Games Arras | January 2015 - March 2015
I made a mobile application (AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova) for a tourist office.
And worked on websites created with WordPress.
Oxygem IT Roubaix | June 2014 - September 2014
I mainly developed mobiles apps with AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova.
Jstarlab / Slak Games Saint-Quentin / Paris | May 2013 - June 2013
I worked on a companion application of a mobile Card Game (Rage of Bahamut).
I made a server part (PHP, MySQL) connected to a client app (Unity)
Site Conseil Saint Quentin | May 2012 - June 2012
For my first internship, I worked on two basics web sites in PHP, Javascript and MySQL.

My Projects

Nought & Crosses IA I'm currently working on this IA. I'm developping it in javascript.
Blindfold Chess Tactics This mobile application (available on Iphone and Andoid) provides a collection of chess puzzles that you have to solve without seeing the board. It was developed with AngularJS, Cordova and Ionic.
Games I've developed some short games.
Like a pacman, a minesweeper or a Reversi in Javascript.
I've also made some games with Unity like a FPS and a platforms 2D game.
Websites I've also made some websites with PHP.
I've also try CakePHP (a PHP framework), and Backbone.